The Great Wall Of China - Wacky Facts by Scoop

The announcement of the Wacky Worlds Add-on for RCT2 has stirred my interest in facts about the new attractions. Here are just a few interesting ones on The Great Wall of China:

The first section of the Great Wall took 10 years to build - at the rate of about one-mile per day.

At its peak the Ming Wall contained thousands of individual forts and towers and was guarded by more than a million men.

It's estimated that the cost, in modern terms, of the Qin Great Wall would be $260 billion, which would pay for roughly half of all annual construction in U.S.

If you took all the bricks from the Ming portion of the Wall alone, they could circle the Earth at the equator in a wall five feet high and three feet thick.

The Great Wall is 4,500 miles long--the distance between Miami and the North Pole.

It's estimated that for every person building the Qin Great Wall, another six were needed to provide building materials and supplies.

One section of the Wall ascends mountain ridges that climb at an angle of 70 degrees and are 7,000 feet above sea level.

The estimated cost of the Ming Great Wall is $360 billion, or roughly what's been spent on America's interstate highway system in the last 40 years.

Using satellite data scientists have rediscovered more than 600 miles of buried Wall in the past decade.

The Ming Wall reportedly took close to 200 years to complete.

The Great Wall's height averages from 15 to 30 feet high it's width averages from 15 to 25 feet wide with about a 13-foot wide roadway on top.

Three million people--70 percent of China's population at the time--was involved in building the Qin Wall

Also, for those individuals that like to run, on May 24, 2003 you can enter the Great Wall Marathon. This 10Km run is a little tougher than usual because to the steps involved. So, if you love running and have the time and money go here to read more. Check out the FAQ page for a reference to roller coasters.


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