RCR Screenshots

Oh Yes! It's true. RCT in 3D is here. Remember that you read it at RCT2.com first. For our exclusive interview with the game's author Michael Gee check out this link.

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All screenshots taken in Diamond Heights Park (an original RCT scenario) on the Agorophobia or Claustrophobia Steel Coasters. They have been significantly compressed to reduce download times to your browser and therefore a good deal of quality has been lost.

Approaching the top of the lift, you briefly look down to your left...

...before looking forward again at the first drop that awaits...

...then as you reach the top of the first camel hump, you look over your right shoulder at the loops you've just taken to see the next trains chasing after you...

...and a few breathtaking seconds later you roll back into the station, glimpsing the rides in the distance through the trees.

Agorophobia and Claustrophobia seen from outside the park.

Claustrophobia emerges from the first tunnel.

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